Prevention of unwanted behaviour: regulate it!

Prevention of unwanted behaviour: regulate it!

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Prevention undesirable behaviour is a key factor for a successful business. Undesirable behaviour can have damaging effects on your employees' morale, confidence, productivity and safety. To ensure a safe and respectful working environment, it is important to nip any form of undesirable behaviour in the bud before it escalates unnecessarily. In this article, we show how undesirable behaviour in the workplace can be preventively prevented by engaging an external confidential counsellor.

The importance of preventing unwanted behaviour

Inappropriate behaviour covers things from bullying, sexual harassment, discriminatory remarks to physical violence. It is any action considered hostile or offensive in nature that can cause distress to individuals or groups of people within your organisation. It is essential that companies recognise that prevention is far better than cure when it comes to undesirable behaviour in the workplace. By taking steps to prevent such occurrences, you not only save financial loss, but also protect employees from physical and emotional harm. Inappropriate behaviour has a negative impact on employee productivity. Cross-border behaviour also contributes to absenteeism in the workplace. Research by Arbobalans from 2020 shows that work-related psychological complaints account for 64% of the 6 billion in absenteeism costs.

Prevention of undesirable behaviour with Bureau Punt Uit

The first step in preventing unwanted behaviour is to recognise potential triggers in your workplace that could lead to negative interactions between colleagues or employees. This includes creating an environment where everyone respects each other, regardless of gender, race or religion. Clear policies and procedures regarding acceptable behaviour can help ensure that all employees are aware of their rights and responsibilities when it comes to appropriate behaviour at work.

By appointing an external confidential advisor, you make undesirable behaviour negotiable. With a subscription to Bureau Punt Uit for your company, you not only have an external confidential advisor available 24/7, but we also offer extras that contribute to the prevention of undesirable behaviour in the workplace. See here the possibilities.

Help platform for employees

To best guide your employees in recognising undesirable behaviour in the workplace, we have developed a help platform. This platform is If you subscribe to Bureau Punt Uit, you will receive a unique URL of this help platform. On this website, your employees can find information on all types of undesirable behaviour. Our professionals provide tips on how to recognise and resolve cross-border behaviour in the workplace. The platform serves as a handle for your employees. Here, they can read up on various topics at their leisure, but can also get help with a confidant if needed.

free consultation

Our confidants can be reached in many different ways. For example, a physical or online appointment can be scheduled directly with a confidant via the calendar at We also offer the possibility of a free consultation hour with a confidant. Suppose your employee is struggling with something, but is unsure whether consulting a confidant is necessary. In that case, the consultation hour is a perfect solution. If this shows that further support is needed, a follow-up appointment will be scheduled. With this consultation hour, any problems are quickly resolved. It has a de-escalating effect and can prevent unpleasant situations in the workplace.

Prevention of undesirable behaviour - Early Awareness Tool

One of our most effective tools for getting ahead of undesirable behaviour in the workplace is the Early Awareness Tool. Our website detects user behaviour on our help platform Talk, voordat er daadwerkelijk een melding gemaakt wordt. Dit help ons en u om potentieel “onuitgesproken gedrag” voor te zijn. In verband met privacy wordt deze informatie niet direct gedeeld, maar het kan wel aanleiding zijn voor een informatiemail over een specifiek onderwerp. Deze mail zullen we naar onze contactpersoon binnen uw organisatie verzenden, met de insteek dat deze wordt doorgestuurd aan alle medewerkers binnen uw bedrijf. Zo wordt er eens in de zo veel tijd aandacht besteed aan relevante onderwerpen met betrekking tot ongewenst gedrag. Het doel van zo’n email is om deze bespreekbaar te maken. Zo blijft de aangestelde vertrouwenspersoon binnen uw organisatie top of mind bij uw medewerkers. Mocht zich dan een situatie voordoen waarbij ze een melding willen maken, weten ze bij wie ze terecht kunnen.

Prevention of undesirable behaviour - Bureau Punt Uit game

Discussing the boundaries of yourself and your colleagues helps prevent unwanted behaviour. For example, what is teasing for one person is bullying for another. By discussing such topics with colleagues, you find out about each other's boundaries. With this in mind, we have developed the Bureau Punt Uit game. This game makes all kinds of examples of undesirable behaviour open to discussion. What is acceptable? What cannot? By playing this game together, you deal with issues that you might otherwise never discuss with each other. The game starts an important conversation among colleagues and will get employees thinking. In our opinion, this is a very important first step in preventing undesirable behaviour.

Protecting your business preventively too?

It is important that employers take effective measures to prevent any form of undesirable behaviour within their organisation before things get out of hand. Through proper discussions with colleagues and the appointment of external confidential counsellors, companies can preventively protect their employees. If you would also like to preventively protect your company from undesirable behaviour at work, do not hesitate and take contact with us! We will be happy to tell you more about our services, so that together we can ensure that your organisation stays one step ahead when it comes to preventing future undesirable behaviour.

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